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Oracle APEX 3.1 Evaluationsversion zum Betatesten veröffentlicht!

Habe gerade gelesen, dass das Oracle APEX Team die Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3.1 Evaluationsversion zum Betatesten veröffentlicht hat. Wie auch schon bei 3.0 werden die Tests auf durchgeführt. Darum macht Euch bereit, registiert Euch für einen Workspace und testet die neue Version.

Die neuen "Interactive Report Regions" sind wirklich toll! Darum gebt dem Team viel Feedback zu den neuen/geänderten Features damit die finale Version genauso stabil wird wie üblich!

Alle Details könnt Ihr in der nachfolgenden Originalmail nachlesen:

To access our hosted instance, please register.
If you have participated in a previous evaluation, you will bypass the short survey.
After registering, you will be provided with access to the evaluation instance from which new accounts can be requested.

You will need to request a workspace and then wait on the email notification.

The new feature that we would really like feedback on is our new region type - Interactive Report. This is a new SQL query based region type that lets end-users customize which columns they see as well as column order. End users can also, sort, filter, break, sum, highlight, and add computed columns using simple pull down menus.

The full list of 3.1 features available with this Early Adopters release is:
  • Application Builder
    • Interactive Report Regions *
    • Templates
      • Improve Searching of templates
      • Replace Templates
      • Publish Templates
      • Bulk Unsubscribe of templates
      • 2 New Themes
    • Wizards
      • Allow for early exit when creating HTML region
      • Create Interactive Report Wizard
      • Remove 32k limit on Create Application on a Spreadsheet
    • Addition of Application Groups
    • Simplification of Page Group pages
    • Addition of Application Date Format
    • Support for Declarative Media Type
    • Can view existence of run-only application (but cannot edit them)
    • Display Application Name in App Builder footer
  • Workspace Administration
    • Workspace-specific Builder Notifications
  • Runtime Installation
  • APIs
    • Augment APEX_MAIL API to support adding attachments to e-mails
Please remember, the success of this Application Express 3.1 evaluation depends on user feedback. All participants are strongly encouraged to provide feedback using the feedback application. The link is also available from within the hosted Application Express 3.1 evaluation instance Home page.

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